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Welcome to Domain-Driven Design North America! We are dedicated to providing a comprehensive platform that caters to the needs of professionals, enthusiasts, and organizations alike. Whether you are seeking cutting-edge design principles, the latest software development methodologies, or innovative deployment strategies, our goal is to equip you with the knowledge, resources, and community support necessary to incorporate DDD in your work environment.

We have a curated collection of events and groups that can help support your DDD adventures.

Recorded Events

Software Crafters Québec

Software Crafters Québec

Venez rencontrer d'autres crafters et discuter avec eux de sujets qui vous passionnent. Ce meetup s'adresse à tous les développeurs, peu importe qui vous êtes et la langue ou la technologie avec laquelle vous êtes familier

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User Groups

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DDD Denver

Denver, Colorado, USA

DDD Philly

Philadelphia. Pennsylvania, USA

DDD Phoenix

Phoenix, Arizona, USA

DDD Portland Oregon

Portland. Oregon, USA


Los Angeles, California, USA

Software Crafters Québec

Québec, QC, Canada

Software Crafters Montréal

Montréal, QC, Canada

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